Air Conditioner Duet No. 2 ( Octet ), Stereo & Quadraphonic:

Air Conditioner Duet No. 2 ( octet ) webpage

A meditative 56 minute modular session, accompanied by an octet of industrial air conditioning units. The actual A/C units are featured on the cover.

The Quadraphonic mix is 4.1 surround in a 5.1 wrapper, with a silent center channel for playback compatability.

for $5 get BOTH the Stereo & Quadraphonic mixes on Bandcamp

Nox Archaist: Original Game Soundtrack (Quadraphonic):

Nox Archaist album cover

A fully discrete Quadraphonic surround remix!! 24/96 lossless FLAC files in a 5.1 wrapper, for compatability ( silent center channel )

Mixed for playback on 4 full range speakers, with optional LFE channel

NOX ARCHAIST a project by 6502 Workshop

for $10 get the Quadraphonic album on Bandcamp

The Orc's Christmas Album:

Orc's Christmas album cover

A band of Orcs were sighted terrorizing the land: spreading Yuletide Joy, and attempting their own ramshackle versions of common Christmas Carols. By popular request, we brought them into the studio to record some of their best!

This album has been encoded using Involveā€™s smart encoding system. It will play in Stereo, but if you have the Involve Surround Master, or a legacy QS/RM/Dolby Pro Logic II Quadraphonic decoder, it will also play back in 4 channel surround.

Involve Audio makers of the Surround Master

On streaming services now!! 24/96 lossless FLAC files available on Bandcamp for $5. Enjoy!

Nox Archaist: Original Game Soundtrack (Stereo):

Nox Archaist album cover

Music for adventuring! A 55 minute semi-ambient soundtrack, designed to enhance the gameplay of Nox Archaist: a modern day recreation of the original Apple II role playing games of yore!

The Soundtrack MP3's are INCLUDED if you buy a copy of the game:

NOX ARCHAIST a project by 6502 Workshop

for $5 ( support my coffee habit ) CD 16/44 WAV and HIRES 24/96 FLAC Music files are available on Bandcamp

Experimental Project (EP):

Experimental Project album cover

An Experimental Project of ambient tracks: inspired by various things in life, the universe, and our environment.

Available on Bandcamp

Electric MU

Electric MU album cover

A Modular Album: focusing on modular synthesis techniques. (WIP)

(soon) Available on Bandcamp